35mm film photographer raised in brooklyn capturing the rawest, dopest, and most real moments in their life, good or bad.

“Happy Face” 35mm Film

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35mm film & multiple exposures

i  feel most comfortable in a setting where i can blast music, smoke, and just create. that is when i feel most relaxed to be myself aka a total-creative weirdo lol. one thing i discovered on new years 2017 was how to manipulate my camera into taking multiple exposure shots. it’s legit the best thing i’ve ever learned in my life! i do everything straight from my camera, whether it's on my point and shoot, or my 35mm slr. i even learned how to do them with instant film! it’s cool creating something all from my mind thats then transferred on film, and not digital. 

graffiti in nyc

my favorite thing about living in New york city is all the graffiti and street art surrounding me everyday. I get familiar with certain tags and fills, and it feels like i know them. might even give a gentle wave hello when I’m stoned.

Broadway & Myrtle on 35mm Film

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Grace Jones Tattoo

artwork (temp tattoo’s, stickers, prints)

i not only take photo’s, but I make other cool things like temporary tattoos!! I love creating with my hands, whether it’s making collages, printing stickers, or customizing wooden art work! All my work is original and I can make you anything you’d like!